Summarise Youtube Videos in a Blink.

Blink is a tool that helps you summarise Youtube videos with AI.

Main Features

Discover how Blink saves you time.

Summarise Lectures

Easily Summarise lengthly lectures into bite sized chunks.

Get the TL;DR

Get to the crux of a video without having to watch the entire thing.

Updates Regularly

Automatic updates are included so your summaries are always using the latest AI.

Make your study sessions faster

Fast Summaries

Frequent Updates

Use for lifetime


Rich documentation

Developer friendly

Built right into Youtube

Simply click Generate Summary and your video will be sumarised to the right of the video.

What Our Users Say

Saves me a lot of time when I'm doing my lectures

Jason Abrams

Jason Abrams

Pretty awesome. I'm a student and I use it for my assignments.

Abdul Farhan

Abdul Farhan

It's like TLDR for everything. I love it!

Mabel O'Conner

Mabel O'Conner

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